National/Community Based Organizations


The South African Vampi(y)re Alliance (SAVA)

The South African Vampi(y)re Alliance (SAVA) is a formalized expression of the South African Vampi(y)re Community (SA VC) similar in conceptualization to Gotham in the USA, founded and established in May 2011 by the collaboration of various individuals and Groups within South Africa. The SAVA is in essence the beginning of a more organized and formalized Community of real self-identified Vampi(y)res in South Africa.

The Vampyre Academy (VA)

The purpose of the Vampyre Academy is  to support the Vampyre Community by means of gathering all relevant information on the vampyric condition and also about the Vampyre Community in all its forms and presenting it in a manner which can be used to educate.


The Iron Temple (SA)

“A Spiritual Place of Seeking & Understanding of our Evolution. Helping each other to grow through the massive shifts and changes we are all going through. For those that Self-Identify as Vampyres, Wolves, Hybrids, Angelkin, Dragonkin, Pagans, Witches & All Those That Seek.”

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