Local Group Index

These are some of the Covens, Houses and other groups forming part of the real Vampi(y)re community located in South Africa. Sometimes groups change names, grow too large and hive-off, or sometimes fade out and disappear. Such changes will be recorded as we become aware of them.

  • Coven d’Eir – A meet-up group founded in Turais in November 2013 by Lunah Valur Eir, a member of House Valur and Secretary for the Regency of the SAVA.
  • Coven of Von Draco Dravana – A group based in Zaurak.
  • Coven Veritas – A meet-up group based in Mintaka.
  • House Cruor – a group founded by Erostine Cruor Turais in Turais. 
  • House De Nocte – a secular group founded by Psion Valur in Avior. 
  • House Nereo – (formerly the Circle of Willow) an eclectic spiritual House based in Johannesburg and founded by Nereo. (Gacrux) DEFUNCT as of  May 2012. Some of its members started new groups of their own, including Ordinem Angelus Lapsus by former member Samael Anathan.
  • House Noctem – an eclectic group founded by Kay Valkir Noctem in Ilyatha.
  • House of Havoc – a House for Vampyres and Otherkin in South Africa, formed at the end of December 2009. Although not really active, this is one of the oldest known groups in the SA VC, located in Gacrux. The founder of the House is VampireIzak aka Father Izak, since he became a fangsmith.
  • House of Lilitu – a temple of Lilith founded in 2011 by Jhenephyr Phoenix Liliam in Ilyatha.
  • House Valur – Located in Mintaka, this House was founded in February 2010. The founder of the House is Octarine Valur.
  • Iron Temple, The – “A Spiritual Place of Seeking & Understanding of our Evolution. Helping each other to grow through the massive shifts and changes we are all going through. For those that Self-Identify as Vampyres, Wolves, Hybrids, Angelkin, Dragonkin, Pagans, Witches & All Those That Seek.” This international group was started by Circe Arcanum (Avior), but passed out from her control when she relocated to London and founded the British Vampire Association. Since then (early 2013) it became more focused on otherkin than the VC.
  • Order of Khepe-Ra, The  – (formerly Order of Xeper, and later, Order of Zeper). A Kemetic dark spiritual group founded in Avior by Lamia Satanei aka KemSekmet Ba-enAset Nebethet and Amon-RaAset Magus. Reported to be the only LHP group in South Africa with genuine credentials in the Western Occultism.
  • Order of Scire – an eclectic atheist alliance of individuals in Avior. believed to be DEFUNCT.
  • Ordinem Angelus Lapsus – Order of the Fallen Angels, an eclectic secular Group founded by Samael Anathan in Gacrux.
  • Ordo De Luna Draco Opacus or the Order of the Dark Moon Dragon is a vampyric dark pagan temple founded by Ps Gabrielle Draegan on Samhain 2012 (southern hemisphere – 30th April). Ps Gabrielle Draegan is a member of House Valur, a Vampyre coven in Mintaka.
  • Ordo ub Dracul – A closed Luciferian/Satanic Group with vampyric leanings, teaching the Necronomicon in Gacrux.
  • Stygian Court, The – a private social meet-up group for participants and friends of the SA  VC in Mintaka.
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