Information About Vampyres & Vampyrism

The following sites feature information about the Vampyre Community, Vampyre nature, Vampyre culture etc:

The Vampyre Academy

The purpose of the Vampyre Academy is  to support the Vampyre Community by means of gathering all relevant information on the vampyric condition and also about the Vampyre Community in all its forms and presenting it in a manner which can be used to educate.

The South African Vampyre Culture Center

SAVCC small

(Subsidiary of the Vampyre Academy) This was founded in order to create and manage an open and public reference to South African Vampyre culture, and features numerous lexicons of names, terms and jargon used within the community, and a comprehensive breakdown of the basics of Vampyre nature, culture, and history.

The Vampyre History Project


(Subsidiary of the Vampyre Academy) This is a broad chronology of Vampyre and Vampyre-related events in history, collected from a variety of sources IRL and via net-trawls online in order to compile as complete a reference guide as possible and to present it for general public use. This is, without argument, the most complete and detailed free-access publicly visible Vampyre history on the Web! (We know – we’ve looked.)

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